Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The basics

Lets start with the fundamentals first: What do ladies look out for in men?
In my opinion, women has 5 main 'points of attraction' so to speak.
1. Appearance: Although it is an undisputed fact that men care more about looks than women, women too care about looks.
2. Wealth: Who would not prefer a more comfortable life, facilitated by money?
3. Fame: Popularity counts too in the social context.
4. Intelligence: Like they say, intelligence is sexy.
These first 4 factors are, well, rather up to you as an individual to pursue; and there are other self help books that you can pick up to aid yourself with that. What we can talk about however, is the most important point of attraction number five:
5. Character: Ask any women what they value most, 90% of the time they will sprout out the word 'character' or some other synonym. Many men have brushed this off as 'some deep emotional bullshit that the girls came up with'. Sad to say, I believe that most women cannot explain this 'character' coherently as well, thereby creating the misunderstanding.
I shall therefore, take on the task of demystifying this through my posts so that you can learn about this elusive concept of 'character'.
stick around folks.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Facing it

Have you ever asked yourselves these questions?
Am I interested in ladies? (We are not being discriminatory but if you are gay, this blog isn't for you.)
Do I want to get a girlfriend? (Too proud admit? GTFO)
Or perhaps fool around for a bit? (Too self righteous? GTFO)
Do I know how to go about it? (No? stick around then!)
Should I buy expensive gifts? (Yes, that is if you want to be a sugar daddy and get dumped eventually)
What is flirtation? (This can be very technical indeed.)
Is flirtation a bad thing? Should I play the bad boy?
Do girls like flirting too? (Well, apparently they do, terms and conditions apply of course.)
Where do I find women I like? (In the kitchen?)
And finally, the most important question:
What the HELL am I doing about this? (Too lazy? Too bad we can't help you there, piggy.)
Well, stick around because we are going to try answering these question as appropriately as we can.
If you have any questions or comment please feel free to share! Email us or something.
Last but not least, this is an informal blog, which would surely use one form of humor or another.
Its a joke, not a dick, so don't take it too hard.
*GTFO stands for get the fuck out.